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Apple urged to stop using harmful chemicals in its factories

The groups will call on Wednesday for Apple to “stop needlessly exposing workers in Chinese manufacturing facilities to toxic chemicals now causing severe illnesses” arguing that using those chemicals rather than alternatives saves it a “shockingly small amount of money ”.

Apple urged to stop using harmful chemicals in its factories | Technology |

Nerve damage, paralysis and cancer

The solvent n-hexane is used to clean electronic displays, including Apple’s iPhone. It is used rather than conventional solvents such as isopropanol or other alcohols because it evaporates around three times faster: that means washed screens are dry more quickly, so workers can clean more of them in a given period. But exposure can cause nerve damage and even paralysis. N-hexane has been blamed for a number of poisoning episodes at iPhone manufacturing plants in China.

Benzene is used as a cleaning and coating agent for electronic components. But it is also a carcinogen which can cause reproductive abnormalities and leukemia.

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