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RIP, IE 6. So long, and thanks for the fish!

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Microsoft proudly reports that IE 6 usage has dropped below 1%:

IE 6 is dead. And there was much rejoicing.

aspx on the other hand will be around forever...


On a related note, IE, broadly seems to be losing almost a point of market share monthly. Sometime in 2012 IE will have less than 50% market share. (largely due to growth of non-pc, mobile web traffic). The world will be better with less IE. See the report drill down middle of this page.

Thanks for sharing that IE will be under 50% market share this year. Feels like progress!

Also, CNN reports that "According to Web analytics firm StatCounter, the most popular version of Google's browser, Chrome 15, edged out Internet Explorer 8 in early December to become the world's most used edition of a browser. (For those keeping score, the totals were 23.6% of worldwide browser usage compared to IE8's 23.5%.)"

And actually, of the top five browsers, Chrome is the only one that rose in usage in 2011.

Chrome's growth will be slowed the next few months by Google spam team punishing Chrome but that hopefully will be just a temporary setback.

(Yes, you heard right, Google is punishing itself.)

In the meantime, I find myself working more and more in Webkit-based browsers on iPhone, Android, and iPad. I hope those continue to improve as well.

I think you mean phish...


Mmmm... phish food...


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