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Ronin: The Masterless Warrior of Generation Y — #OAFNation

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People frequently look at me like I just told them I dropped my kid off at Neverland Ranch for the weekend or set fire to a winning Powerball ticket after I disclose that information. Especially after coming out of the SOF community, where the amount of time and effort required to achieve and sustain a successful and rewarding career are nearly immeasurable; the puzzled reactions I get from people are understandably justified. 


I’m not alone. I have friends who initiated cutaway procedures after sixteen years.  The current exodus of careerists at the eight-to-twelve year mark is staggering. It begs a few questions, to say the least. Why is this happening? What would provoke this emigration of operators, who have put themselves through hell to get where they are? And what is becoming of this subculture of warriors?


The transition is turbulent, to say the least. If I’m conservative with my self-analysis, I’d tell you that it left me struggling to find relevance in the workforce, put a significant strain on my marriage, and left me in the throes of a full-blown identity crisis. If I’m a bit more honest with the same analysis, I’d tell you that it nearly destroyed me.

Sure does seem like a lost generation.

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