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GOLDMAN: Solar Is On The Way To Dominating The Electricity Market, And The World Has Elon Musk To Thank

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They go on to invoke the two scariest words in the world for utilities: grid defection (people leaving the grid). And they lay out three reasons why, though nothing is imminent, we are heading in that direction.

Ultimately the holy grail of solar is to move to a situation where the customer is no longer tied to the grid at all. This may be far off, aside from entailing a much more expensive solar/battery system, this is also potentially out of people's comfort zone entailing a 100% reliance on a new system for their electricity needs. That said, decreased reliability from an aging distribution infrastructure, a broadening desire to reduce the carbon footprint, and perhaps most importantly, the reduction of solar panel and battery costs could also work together to make grid independence a reality for many customers one day.

They conclude: "As this is a very high-level exercise, we do not quantify the addressable market in this report, but to us the conclusion is very clear - the potential for this application could be very large."

The thought of people leaving the grid en masse is amazing.

It changes the power dynamics of the world.

Between that and electric cars we could completely end dependence on oil.

What a great thought.

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