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New Oculus Rift dev kit goes on sale for $350 today, likely ships in July

New Oculus Rift dev kit goes on sale for 350 today likely ships in July Polygon


The system will go "on sale" today, for $350 along with the external camera that allows for positional tracking, with an estimated ship date of July of this year. The weight has increased a bit since the first version of the dev kit was released, but Oculus’ Nate Mitchell claimed this was due to the quick turnaround on the newest version of the hardware; they re-used the plastic molds of the original kit, and should be able to shave weight off the final project.

"We slipped a little bit in the opposite direction," he said, describing the original plan to remove weight from the hardware as it moves forward. "We’ll get there."

The display in the development kit 2 is a low-persistence OLED panel that runs at 960 by 1080 per eye. That display came into the development kit with an assist from Valve, in fact. "We were investigating low persistence, in a different sense, on LCDS, and Valve had succeeded in getting low persistence going in OLED," Mitchell stated. "As soon as you saw it, you were like oh god, this changes everything. They were a big help in the regard."

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By comparison to Google Glass, $350 for Oculus Rift seems like a bargain. 

I was thinking about Oculus while snowshoeing yesterday, and I thought to really complete the whole immersion, there needs to be weather, and smell.  Could there be a weather machine/box that can blow cold air, create humidity, heat, and other weather phenomena that one would expect being outside.  Maybe arcades could have small enclosed rooms that would have the full weather effects in them, that fit the environment you are walking through, and while your at it, add the correct smells too.

Then I thought, maybe with time, I will feel lesser of my experience in the wilderness, because I won't have a soundtrack playing in the background, I guess some headphones could fix that ;)

Yes, headphones definitely help.

I'm sure we'll see some full-room immersive experiences for all the senses in the future.

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