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'Lost' Writers Debunk Theories About Hit Series 10 Years Later

Lost Writers Debunk Theories About Hit Series 10 Years Later Speakeasy WSJ


The characters on the former ABC hit series “Lost” were not dead the entire time, executive producer Carlton Cuse said this past weekend during a discussion marking 10 years since the show was launched.

The creators of “Lost,” about survivors of a plane crash on what initially appeared to be a deserted island, previously had denied that theory, which Cuse suggested may have originated because of a few seconds of footage of the plane wreckage alone on a beach at the end of the finale. “When people saw the shots of the plane and there were no people there, that I think exacerbated the problem.”

Damon Lindelof, a “Lost” co-creator and show runner with Cuse, also debunked a theory that the characters were in purgatory, during the Paleyfest discussion in Los Angeles.

Cuse did say that the show, while literally about people lost on an island, was metaphorically about people “lost in their lives” who are seeking redemption and are looking for meaning and purpose in their lives.

The writers agreed early in the series that its ending would be a spiritual one, he added. “We would have long discourses about … what all of our journeys mean, how all of us are here to lift each other up in our lives.”

Cuse also said the writers decided not to provide answers to all the questions raised by the storylines in the final season. “Every question sort of begets another question. … We just didn’t feel like there was any way to answer all the open questions at the end of the show without it feeling really didactic and boring.”

In the finale, broadcast May 23, 2010, their goal was “to tell an emotional story that tells what happened to the characters,” Cuse said.

Lindelof said they did write a scene that answered who was on the Outrigger, but the scene was never shot. That script may be auctioned off to raise money for a charity in the future, he said.

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Oh thank goodness for this article. I do still have a LOT of lingering questions.

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