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Ask Good Questions to Create Success | Psychology Today

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It works like this: you settle down for a time of planned quiet. Then, you pose a question aloud or silently. At this point, some people journal their thoughts or impressions. Others sit silently and mindfully and notice the thoughts coming in and out. When you get quiet, and ponder a question for which there may be no obvious, logical answers, profound insight or awareness can occur. Epiphanies, even. Or there can be nothing at all. Sometimes it can take months for the answers to reveal themselves, but the practice develops our awareness.You can do this throughout your day, simply by pausing long enough to contemplate what you truly want to know. Then, ask a specific question, and pay attention.Answers may reveal themselves in the weeks or months to come through impressions or synchronicities, or through a deep sense of knowing. Or they may burrow into your brain in such a clear way that it feels as though you’ve known the answers all along.

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