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World of Diving is an open, relaxing foray into virtual reality SCUBA diving

World of Diving is an open relaxing foray into virtual reality SCUBA diving Polygon


"World of Diving is an arcade, multiplayer, online diving adventure. It's not a simulation," he said. You can salvage wrecks, collect treasure, go diving with your friends, create your own treasure hunts and missions, or just take pictures of different fish and structures. It's not meant to be realistic, or to teach you diving, but to allow you to get a feel for what an ideal dive may be like.

They're going to roll out features and environments in waves, and the players who buy the first prototype will be able to vote on what's added next. Do they want better fish AI next, or a submarine? You'll be able to vote to see what should be added next. The game can be played on a standard PC, but will also launch with full support for the Oculus Rift. Up to 16 players will be able to dive together.

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So cool!

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