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Sony's Project Morpheus takes Oculus Rift head-on

Spec Sheet Sony s Project Morpheus takes Oculus Rift head on The Verge


These prototypes show that Oculus and Sony are getting close to making VR a thing average consumers have in their living rooms, but it’s still fairly early in the game. These devices probably won’t look anything like the final products the two companies release down the line. Oculus told The Verge that the Rift will undergo a complete redesign before the final version reaches consumers, and Sony said it won’t release a consumer product this year. But currently, Project Morpheus is a worthy competitor for the Oculus Rift, and that’s a good thing. 

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I'm not convinced that Sony can break into this market. Oculus Rift has all the PR momentum.

Morpheus is (for lack of a better term)  "Sexier looking", with everything else equal, I would buy it.  10 degrees less "field of view"  could be a significant difference though.

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