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Moral Injury of War

Please read this series on Huffington Post. 

At a point in the essays, it says there are no answers. That is not true.  There are ways, there has to be a way to heal the wounds and scars or there is no point in continuing this human experiment. 

As the ghosts of WWII come back to life so will the wars of Iraq, Syria....

It is nice for us to seperate combatants and foreign lands, but it is delusional.  These wars effect all our minds and no one is exempt. 

We can purify the mind and heal the past karma. 

However, it cannot be done while we are creating more injury. 

Cutting off your left hand to heal the loss of your foot does not work well.  We have to renounce war.  It is better to die than kill, everybody dies, but you do not have to kill or support killing in any way.

No war

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I agree. I renounce war.

Agree, civilization's overall trend, goes towards less violence (except maybe the US is having a little splurge with the gun violence?), but anyway, if our civilization on Earth lasts long enough, I believe we will no longer have wars (with each other), so why not now?  It would be nice to put all that money and energies in another direction ;)

The US has spent over 15 Trillion on military in the last 30 years. 

Why? Because we need protection from what?  

2.5 million Americans served in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

1 million people have died due to war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Who knows how many in Africa. 

Those that model war are looking for conflicts in North Korea, Iran, former soviet states ...... 

The happy days are here again memories of the 90s are long gone. 

The last 14 years have been war and preparing for worse war, just no one is paying attention because Kanye Kim and various CEOs grace the covers of vogue and nytimes style section. 

Next to that stunning Titan in gown is a Syrian refugee camp. 

I would like to believe that it will be less violent for my little children but there is no evidence for that.