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How do you DRM a coffee pod?

How do you DRM a coffee pod Ars Technica


A brewing system lockdown may echo the tale of printers and ink cartridges.

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"As early as this fall, Keurig's next generation of coffee machines will prevent any coffee not licensed by Keurig from brewing in the machine. Locking down coffee seems both trifling and difficult to accomplish—no one has yet described how Keurig can differentiate its own pods enough so that its machines would honor those pods and only those pods."

Is this really a problem?  I didn't realize there was any coffee besides these main brands, unless you pack your own coffee in a reusable cup.  Are they just starting to see growth in non-Keurig brands, and want to nip it in the bud?  They have every right, as it's their machine, but maybe we will see more competing machines come out,  if Keurig is going to limit the brands of coffee consumers want.

I swear Apple has been doing this with their USB charging/sync cables.  Apple brand cords were around $16, while off brands were about $1 ( I bought a couple $1 ones a year or so ago).  My off brand cords constantly gave me trouble when trying to sync, I-tunes wouldn't recognize the device.  Now I have an Apple cable, and I-tunes thinks I'm plugging in a Fax when I connect it, it works, but always has a box pop up saying it found a fax.

To answer your question, Keurig must feel threatened.

That's the main reason a vendor locks down a service rather than turn it into a platform for others to make money making products for, too.

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