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I Work As a Writer For Reality Shows -- Here's the Deal

I Work As a Writer For Reality Shows Here s the Deal xoJane


What they don’t tell you about reality shows is that the people are real, but the situations are totally not. Many times, a “star” -- or main character -- is found, and then an entire show is built around this charismatic or weird person. There may be legit members of their entourage, or such side characters can be hired to fill out the story. Think "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" or "Millionaire Matchmaker" -- people or situations are planted, in order to increase the drama. The actors know what type of events will be happening and are usually asked to improvise dialogue as they go. Voila: a train wreck that’s hard to turn away from.I have a friend who is now a well-known actor, but as an up-and-comer he was hired to play a guy getting his car repossessed on a reality show. Though his job and name were different on the  show, every time this old episode airs, his friends from back home still call and write to offer condolences for his bad luck. Apparently it can be confusing to sort what’s real from what’s not.

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Reality shows need writers?! Ugh.

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