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Organ Stop Pizza Touts 85 Year Old Wonder- Wurlitzer

Organ Stop Pizza is a restaurant located in Mesa, Arizona. Its primary attraction is as the home of what it claims is the largest Wurlitzer theater organ in the world. 

Powered by three turbine blowers (with a fourth as a standby) it has more than 5,500 pipes. The original organ was built for the Denver Theater and was installed in 1927. 

It saw service there until the 1930s. Rebuilt in 1975, including pieces from other Wurlitzers, it eventually ended up as a 78 rank organ. (Wikipedia)

The Wurlitzer pipe organ was developed to take the place of a pit orchestra; which played the background music and sound effects for silent films, especially in smaller theaters that could not afford to pay a full orchestra.  Wurlitzer alone made over 2000+ of these pipe organs.




I thought this place was going to be pretty hokey, and I guess in a way it was, but I also was pretty blown away by this over-the-top wonder, it was part theater, part bingo hall, part drive-in snack counter.  There was stuff to look at everywhere, and the sound came from all directions, as the different parts were installed all around the room.

It brought back the child like wonder, that one has in their youth at seeing something new and wonderous for the first time.  The experience brought back memories of Shakey's Pizza Parlor  and Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour  ( Where I seem to remember a gauntlet of candy one had to walk through to get seated :)

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Phantom of the Opera

I love it! Did you know that I used to own a place like this?

No way!  What are the chances of that!? lol  Where was it?  What was it called?

It was called Pizza and Pipes, in Redwood City, CA, and it had that name for 49 years before me.

Close atm, but will reopen in the future :)

Right, hopeing to reopen after downtown Redwood City construction is winding down.

Right now downtown Redwood City is a huge mess.

Under the Sea (Organ rising out of the floor)

Stars and Stripes Forever

The Entertainer

Quick clip of Thriller- Michael Jackson

And lastly, a short clip of Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry

Wikipedia with all things Wurlitzer, including a list of still active ones.

Wurlitzer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Can't forget the dancing cats ;)

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