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When Craigslist Blocks Innovations - Disruptions -

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I was so fascinated by the poster, I looked it up online:

It's a really striking photo; I wonder what craig and/or the author are trying to tell us by including a photo of him with that poster in the background? Or maybe I've watched too many Nolan films and think that everybody is watching closely? :)

The article is interesting. Sounds like another example of a big company shutting down it's API and blocking third party developers. This is a disturbing trend that really threatens the explosive growth and innovation in the social ecosystem. Anyone else have thoughts on this trend?

Companies are only as open as their bank accounts allow them to be.

David, I disagree.

It's a strategy to be open or closed that is independent of money coming in.

It's a closed mind that thinks it can make the most money with a closed system.

That's just my perception. Perhaps I'm wrong; however, if companies are becoming more closed and more open -- it must be raional self-economic interest, right?

Seems penny smart and pound foolish to me...

I agree with Eric. They're missing the big picture.

When a company puts its data behind a wall, the Internet considers that damage and figures out how to route around it.

Open services get integrated; closed services get removed.

Agreed.... the end of Craigslist is nigh.


I hadn't seen that Arrington piece. Thanks Shayn.

It is Craiglist's right to be a closed system.

But doing so makes me respect them less.

Agreed, it's always about the $. Sucks they play the "public good" hand. Innovate or die lol..

I could see Facebook or a mobile-centric listing service potentially giving Craigslist a run for its money.

Eric, it's possible. Facebook tried once and failed (with "Marketplace").

Perhaps they'll try again. Oodle is still trying.

Facebook could leverage its social graph for a higher trust factor.

A mobile-centric company could make on-the-fly, geographically unique (at a concert or event) transactions a possibility.

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