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The AeYO Combines Skating, Biking and Scootering

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The AeYO Rider has been designed by a Munich-based group called Aemotics. It combines the efficient and dynamic motion of inline skating with the convenience and safety of a bicycle.

That's pretty cool an stylish, I know that's far enough for people to buy it (hi Apple).

But I don't really see the point at the end.

Once I've learnt how to roller-blade with this security, the first thing I would do is take off this "third wheel", to be able to move freer, faster, and easier.

Do you guys think it could have a real (sportive?) future? (A part from being a tool to learn roller-blading)

I don't think it has a real future -- too unusual for the bicycle people, and too slow for the skate people!

But still a very interesting concept!

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