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Hawai'i, Big Island - Nature and Science

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These are beautiful. Did you take them all?

Yes I did, otherwise I would have given the author name. : P

You're always excellent with giving credit. Do you spend a lot of time in Hawaii?

You scientists sure do know how to pick good places to go!

I did an internship of 4 months at the big squared telescope on the left:


How it looks like inside:


See how small my house-mate is in the back? That's a 8.2m (diameter of the primary mirror) telescope.That's the bigger "one piece" mirror humanity can make at the moment, they are also used on the 4 VLT in Chile.

There's already bigger: the Kecks are 10m, but they are not in one piece:


Also next generation of telescopes are gonna start soon and will totally explode those numbres, with 20, 30 and 39 meters of (segmented) primary mirror diameter!! Isn't that awesome?

The 39m E-ELT:



"Artist's impression of the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) in its enclosure on Cerro Armazones during night-time observations. The four beams shooting skywards are lasers that create artificial stars high in the Earth’s atmosphere." (

Wow, clearly you can see so much because less light pollution.

But there's also the fact that you get to be in Hawaii!

So it's great job PLUS great environment. No wonder scientists built there!