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New doggy bags scheme launched to help cut restaurant food waste

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Research suggests that three quarters of diners would like to see doggy bags offered in restaurants, but around half admitted to being too embarrassed to ask for them. 

The pilot uses the new 'Good to Go' messaging to promote the option of take-home containers in a very visible way with branding on display in restaurants, in a bid to make taking leftovers home more socially acceptable. The pilot will investigate the effect that creating a visible message to consumers and using eye-catching branded containers has on increasing the amount of food wasted in the participating restaurants


Half are too embarrassed to ask for them?! What's embarrassing about asking for them?

I'm not embarrassed, I just do not understand why do I need to:

1. put something to doggy bag, 

2. bring it home, 

3. hold it in a fridge for 3 days 

4. and then throw it away 

if the restaurant can do the job on a spot with no effort on my side?:)

To cut food waste, the restaurant might think about portions, which can fit normal stomach, not be served on the football field sized plate:)

Restaurants cannot reduce portions without charging less.

If they charge less, they might not be able to stay in business.

You can offer your doggy bag to someone homeless -- they're usually pretty grateful for it.

Good idea, now I understand why San Francisco and Palo Alto arranged so many homeless people to be available right next to restaurants. Yet this solution will not work in other areas, where finding a homeless person is not that easy. 

I love leftovers, makes for a nice lunch the next day.  The only time I leave leftover food is if I really didn't like the food that much.

"The pilot was launched last week (20 March) at Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery by owner and chair of Glasgow Restaurant Association Ryan James, Zero Waste Scotland's food waste expert Ylva Haglund and Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead. " 

So this is in Glasgow, Scotland, so maybe a doggy bag is a totally new concept over there, or at least one that hasn't caught on that well.

re: Homeless

Part of me understands your snide comment, and part of me calls it a douchey comment (as opposed to calling you a dick for making it).  But it's all good.  Meanwhile I hope you keep donating your food as such, instead of letting it be thrown away.

if you think food comes on a football plate, maybe you should try other places where it's more about gastronomy, process, flavor, presentation, ambiance, and pretense than portion x value; 

if you're complaining about getting a value... or getting more than you need/more than you paid for... maybe try splitting your plate more often with company (ie. actually go have a meal with other people).  or maybe order something that you know you'll enjoy the rest of later?    


cook more often? truly the most economic and perfectly portioned way to eat.  

oh wait, we want it how the restaurant/chefs make it and want to try new things.


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