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3D printed skull successful surgery (Dutch) - YouTube (Warning: surgery images)

Source: YouTube Video

Stashed in: Brain, Best Videos, Medicine, 3D Printers

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I had no idea how this actually works before watching this. It's amazing, Oce. 

Damn, that's woha.

It truly is!

I cannot understand the German but I still find this fascinating to watch.

What about French! Go learn a second language lazy panda! : P

Learning Spanish actually. Relevant in California!

Yeah Spanish is the second best language together with French. : P

Well then I'm off to a good start. 

I was interested in seeing what the clear plastic skull looks like, so I stashed this too:

Arg ^^, looks painful to me! There's no restriction on NSFW here at the moment?

We make an exception for medicine but in general we discourage NSFW for now.

Even though that brain surgery looks painful, it actually helped her make a full recovery.

Well some people are gonna argue porn help them recovery haha.

Haha then they're free to visit Tumblr to heal themselves. :)

: )

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