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L'ren Scott's Suicide Shows Things Aren't Always What They Appear

I found this article to be a sad, but important reminder for all of us, but particularly for those who tend to worship celebrities.  It points out that:

1.  Celebrities are regular people, just like the rest of us.

2.  Things are not always what they appear - a lot of their images are carefully managed.

3.  Money doesn't buy happiness.

4.  Inauthenticity can catch up with you.   It usually doesn't happen in such dramatic fashion, but pretending to be someone who you are not, can eat away at you.

I think this excerpt says it all.

“I always say luxury is a state of mind,” Scott told The Sunday Times of London last November. “Because for me, it really is. It’s legroom, it’s a beautiful view, it’s great food at a great restaurant you’ve discovered because you obsessively read Zagat, as I do.”

And then, last Monday, she committed suicide, hanging herself in a $5.6 million Chelsea apartment that likely did not belong to her. Within hours, Scott’s life was revealed to have become an elaborate facade — her business at least $6 million in debt, her fashion-world friends and celebrity clientele unaware of her despair.

“Ironically, last week I said to three different people, ‘I wish I had her life, look at her life — she’s always somewhere fabulous and fancy,’ ” stylist Philip Bloch told WWD. “You think, here’s someone who has it all. You just never know.”

Here's the link to the original article:

Scott’s suicide reveals tragic side of city’s glitzy scene

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