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Brain Study Suggests Autism Starts Before Birth

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Very important (although small) study of brain structure which suggests that autism requires both a genetic AND an external trigger during the second half of pregnancy. This study shows why anatomy and physiology are still necessary in basic science.

I didn't realize how dangerous something like the flu is for a pregnant woman and her child.

This is the best theory I've heard of, it makes sense.

Actually, tell me more please. 

I have not heard many theories about autism. 

There are many potential causes that have been bantered about, but the one that seems to have been in the forefront by autism support groups the most is a vaccine based cause; which actually proved out in studies to not have a causal relationship, yet many people surrounding the support groups still believe it to the point where they will not vaccinate their children.

Here is a list of all the causes that have been proposed:

Thank you for that list -- how incredibly complicated the human body is.

There are so many potential causes of autism; it's a reminder of how delicate the human body is!

So assume the virus theory has validity. (I think it does)

It is safe to extrapolate the infant's neuro-immunological system is compromised. 

SO DON'T GIVE a Hep b vaccine on day two and load them with 9 different vaccines at two months. 

If the infant is perfectly fine they get cranky for a day or two, but if compromised who knows. 

I have treated many children with neuro issues and they don't do well with vaccines.  I would never agree with a parent that they cause autism but would argue with every doctor that they make things worse. As an adult with neuro issues I don't do well with them. 

The whole immune system takes about 2 years to develop and everything is an input to that development.   I make sure my babbies are healthy when they get a shot not on the day that the doctors say and space them out. (And I take crap from them for it) 

We need to think not treat everyone like livestock and a herd theory on disease. 

I feel that policy on all fronts is more about crowd control than what is best for a person.  

That makes sense. 

Humans are highly sensitive in the early years, and that should be taken into account.

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