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Banned for Life — Medium

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My friend's story about how he was banned by the supposedly most open mobile development ecosystem.

Your poor friend! This sounds terrible:

The suspension email stated that I was trying to impersonate another company, and that this was forbidden. I had no intention of impersonating anyone. The apps description on the store had a clear disclaimer. The app itself had a easy to find disclaimer dialog. Anyone using my simplistic beta quality app would know instantly that this is not “official” and 100% of the apps content was pulled directly from YouTube including the icon. You could say my app was a minimal web browser that just reformatted the data using native Android widgets. I thought, if you can get the exact same info using a browser, what’s the difference? I thought I was safe.

I emailed Google back and asked them to tell me exactly what I need to change to be compliant with the rules. Is it the icon? The name? The disclaimer? What? Google refused to give me any additional information. So, I just left the app in the suspended state and never attempted to update it since I really didn’t know what I needed to change, and I really didn’t care about any of these test apps anyway.

If Google doesn’t care enough to let me know what is wrong, then it must not be that important I thought.

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