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Why Sleep Is Crucial to Success

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Planning on sleeping our way to the top, are we?

In response to a question about sleep and work in a piece in the NYT, Buxton says:

“We have evidence of multiple pathways by which the workplace impacts health and wellness. Management can either be a part of the problem, or be a part of long-term solutions. We need evidence-based solutions that both improve worker health and benefit employers.”

Every stress management program starts with sleep. It doesn’t matter how much yoga you do or how much herbal tea you drink—your efforts aren’t worth much without a solid night’s sleep. The World Association of Sleep Medicine, which celebrated World Sleep Day on March 14, touts  10 commandments for adult sleep. If you’re anxious about giving up time for rest, console yourself with the fact that sleep is the cheapest improvement to your health you can find. (Read more on ways to encourage better sleep for yourself.)

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