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Lying on your resume « Steve Blank

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gotta love steve

I just stopped reading resumes while conducting interviews. At some point I realized all developer resumes just list all technology stack relevant skills and technologies. Recruiters are part of the problem encouraging the candidates to fit the experience to the position.

I agree the world would be a better place without resumes.

I'm not sure why developers think it's useful to list every technology they've ever interacted with. As you gain experience the list tends to grow quite long -- especially if you include technologies you've used but are not truly expert in.

It's better just to list technologies you WANT to work with.

That clears out people who are combing your resume for skills you no longer want to work on.

Great find.

There's a comment in the thread on the site from onemorepalletbillcunningham that talks about "Substitute sales proposals, advertising, tweets, literature, etc. — the coverup is always worse than the crime. Once you lose credibility, it’s gone."

Though that's obviously true, there's a special and personal quality to resume fibbing: it's personal of course, it's easy to invalidate the lie and finally it stays with you throughout your career. Today I think there's a whole generation of brilliant people whose careers where born of the Internet bloom who lack a formal education. Lying today is just insane. I can't even imagine a recruiter suggesting it -- though I would not be surprised it there are many living with lies from the past.

The simple test of knowledge, thinking and communication skills wrapped in the "draw it" test is fabulous for interviews. It's as useful to test those without formal credentials as for those with corporate and collegiate pedigrees. We've used a variation where one member of the interview team does a quick drawing of the hiring company's product architecture, then the next interviewer asks comprehension questions.

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