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Walking Dead season 4 episode 16 "A" gifs and memes

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Rick Carl snare trap meme Walking Dead A 4x16 Imgur

Terminus trap Walking Dead meme 4x16 Imgur

Terminus assholes meme Walking Dead A 4x16 Imgur

theyre screwing with the wrong people meme Rick Grimes Walking Dead 4x16 A Imgur

The real line from the comic:

The Closing Lines of the Finale (Comic & Show Spoilers) - Imgur

Rick grimes stuff things gif Walking Dead A 4x16 Imgur

Walking Dead theyre fucking with the wrong people meme Imgur

Rick Grimes gun to Terminus Mike's head meme Walking Dead 4x16 Imgur

Ring leader, Archer, Kid, Samurai Walking Dead Terminus meme Imgur

The Terminus group has done this before.

Terminus warehouse shot up meme Rick Michonne Walking Dead 4x16 A Imgur

Deleted scene:

Rick Michonne terminus meme Walking Dead 4x16 Deleted Scene Posted on Twitter by @HershelGreen1. - Imgur

Terminus is seriously messed up.

If anyone needed confirmation that Terminus is full of cannibals... - Imgur

Ring leader go to your left meme walking dead 4x16 Imgur

Leave Maggie Alone!

Walking Dead Maggie Terminus meme remember when I said Id kill you last I lied Imgur

No no -- take Bob first!

Walking Dead Terminus meme eat bob first Imgur

Who should we fear?

Walking Dead meme fear the hunters fear the hipsters Imgur

I fear Denise Crosby aka Tasha Yar on Star Trek aka Mary in Terminus:

Tasha Yar is Mary Terminus Walking Dead meme STTNG Star Trek Denise Crosby Imgur

Rick Grimes Terminus meme Beth Greene Imgur

From Emily Kinney's Instagram account:

Emily Kinney selfie with Andrew Lincoln Instagram imgur

Just selfie things:

emily kinney walking dead selfie meme Imgur

From issue 57:

Rick Grimes bites neck marauder Walking Dead comic 57 meme Imgur

Rick Grimes neck bite downvote gif Imgur

Still not sure why Eugene insists on the mullet.

Walking Dead comic Andrea Eugene mullet meme Imgur

They really should have helped this guy.

Walking Dead 4x16 meme they should have helped this guy out - Imgur

This is what irks me about the show. Look at how much space this guy has to run away. Instead he just stands there waving a stick. - Imgur

The fallen of season 4:

Walking Dead Fallen of Season 4 Imgur

Rick Grimes Solo Poster: Suvive meme Imgur

Looks familiar:

Walking Dead Tropic Thunder meme SURVIVE Rick Grimes Channels a Different Lincoln RDJ Robert Downey Jr Imgur

To think how far we've come since season 1:

Walking Dead Directv ad Rick Grimes dont kill your best friend get rid of cable Imgur

On season 38 of The Walking Dead, Judith takes charge!

Walking Dead Judith meme Milla Jovovich season 38 Imgur

Meanwhile in the comic, issue 129 introduces Daryl Dixon:

Walking Dead comic 129 Daryl Dixon cover Imgur

Okay, not really, it's an April Fools Joke:

Still, it's been quite a transition for Daryl Dixon on the show.

Daryl Dixon meme John 15:13 greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends Imgur

Compare S1E3 to S4E16:

Daryl Dixon meme transition S01E03 and S04E16 Walking Dead Imgur

Rick Grimes theyre gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out gif Walking Dead A 4x16 Imgur

Abraham Ford find out what gif Walking Dead A 4x16 Imgu

Rick Grimes I dont know gif Walking Dead A 4x16 Imgur Slick Grimes

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