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OP was trying to do something new - Imgur

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I find this kind of attitude pretty sad. It prevents new things and ideas to reach the whole community and give us full repost frontpages.

Agreed. It's surprising how many downvoters there are on Imgur.

Makes me not want to post OC there. I'd rather take my chances on the subreddits.

The popular subreddits with millions of readers are the same. Yes, at the moment, only the small communities are really worth it, like young subreddits or young websites.

When the big population starts rushing inside, the quality of everything fades away.

I don't really get why.

Is it because the majority is frustrated of seeing how they can't affect anything in their real life, so they get super happy when they see the direct result of their down-vote on a poor anon?

But then again, why using the down arrow and not the up one?

Why is it so much more common to see mean actions than good ones? The action is the same, just a click!

Okay I should stop there or I'm gonna be kidnapped by mlp activists! : P

Oce, I don't understand the reasoning of the "downvote fairies".

Some think they're maintaining a quality standard; others are just mean.

And because they're anonymous they don't have to live with the consequences of their downvoting.

But you're right that, at scale, all communities attract such people.

Conclusion of my experience on imgur and reddit is that the downvote/upvote system, if it looks nice and democratic at first, it is not doing good on the long term.It leads to standardization extremely quickly, make the same kind of things reach the frontpage and prevent new things to come and break the standard.

I was thinking about a "meh" vote, in between the two others. Just to break the bipolar all black or all white effect of dv/uv. I'm pretty curious to see how people would use it.

There's also the FB solution of having just an upvote, but there's no real hierarchy based on upvotes on walls. Also they are far more interested by looking attractive to advertisers than anything else. So it's not the best model.

P.S.: go try the Imgur april fool. Pretty smart one and related to this discussion. : )

I really like the imgur staff, it frustrates me even more when I see how easily few trolls can ruin their community project...

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram also only have upvotes.

You're right that that does not help remove bad content. 

I like Imgur too -- the April Fools joke is funny and a meh button might work.

But unfettered downvotes lead to abuse.