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#youtubeblockedinturkey Turkey’s online censorship just took a sinister Orwellian turn via @qz

Turkey's Internet crackdown has expanded from Twitter to the Domain Name System (DNS), according to Google. "We have received several credible reports and confirmed with our own research that Google's Domain Name System (DNS) service has been intercepted by most Turkish ISPs (Internet Service Providers)," Google software engineer Steven Carstensen said in a Saturday blog post.,2817,2455710,00.asp

When Turkey initially blocked Twitter and then YouTube last week, internet users fought back by using Google’s DNS—even spray-painting its numbers onto buildings and billboards in an attempt to spread the word. But now, to combat those guerilla tactics, Erdogan’s government and the country’s ISPs have taken a scary step that could affect all Turkish internet traffic—and even allow it to track down and punish users who try to evade the ban. 


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Yeah, if you get rid of DNS it affects access of most Internet services.

And DNS system is owned by a USA organization, that doesn't help these countries because the dictators will always brandish the specter of USA imperialism behind Twitter, and Google.

DNS system needs to be under the UN jurisdiction to ensure the Internet neutrality and give more arguments to people fighting the censorship in their countries.

( see the US organization ruling the Internet )

By the way, there's only one Internet not ruled by ICANN, the Chinese one.

Thanks for the links Adam.

Mmm interesting, but it's not done yet. I'm sure some lobbies will try to keep control on it. Let's see how it is done, and who ends in charge of it at the end.

<< But former House speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) tweeted: “What is the global internet community that Obama wants to turn the internet over to? This risks foreign dictatorships defining the internet.” >>


The WSJ article is not free.

The WSJ article basically says the same thing as Newt, only it quotes Bill Clinton extensively.

I guess this is an issue that both Clinton and Gingrich agree on.

It will be interesting to see if Obama caters to this pressure.

I haven't seen UN mentioned anywhere in the articles.

For me it is the best guaranty of neutrality at the moment. That's also one of the few places where the US can't impose themselves because they are equal to Russia, China, United Kingdom and France, in rights. Which is not fair too, ideal would be a rotating council.

But it's better than only one country deciding like it is the case now, until Obama changes something, if he can.

UN is specifically not mentioned -- see Ashie's comment below.

Which means neither the left nor the right is behind Obama's plan for this.

Thanks for the links Adam   Oce there has been an ongoing debate and many have voiced also " Opponents of the plan worry that countries such as China and Russia could gain more control over Internet functions through global bodies such as the United Nations. Obama administration officials said they won’t turn over the keys to a “government-led or an inter-governmental organization,” such as the UN or its telecommunications arm"

If they won't turn it over to the UN, who does Obama want to run this standards organization?

Vint Cerf Chief Internet Evangelist  Google Inc. Tune in at 2 p.m. EDT today for a lively discussion about the early days of the Internet, the future, and more. will speak via hangout  Leo Laporte will guide the discussion based on the questions you and other Internet users submitted online

I missed it. Any idea what Vint Cerf said? He's trustworthy on this issue.

Is Internet Evanglist just an expression for talking about internet philosophers, or is there religion (Christianity?) behind?

It's really just philosophy. Calling it religion is a meme:

Ok, I know religion is still quite strong in the USA so I prefer to be informed not to hurt anyone. ^^"

Interesting comments, however, it looks like there's still a notion of *believing*, on my opinion, this goes farther than "just philosophy".

Or maybe it's just the Internet culture of making things sound dramatic because

it makes the web funnier and,

more lively.

: P

Oce you make a good point. It is all about belief, so that IS religion.

I should add that Vint Cerf as evangelist also helps set policy and promote it internally and externally.

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