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How to Achieve Work-Life Balance in 5 Steps |

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Great article.

You Need To Draw A Line.

I’ve posted plenty of research on productivitytime management and procrastination – but that’s not the issue here. Not at all.

Those are hacks that help you be more efficient but in the modern world you are getting 25 hours of to-do’s thrown at you every 24 hours.

Thinking that if you spend enough time you will “get everything done” is an illusion. You will never be “done.”

The happiest people are not people who don’t have a care in the world. Those people are bored.

Research shows the happiest people are busy — but don’t feel rushed.

Anxiety is reduced by a feeling of control. And what do studies say about work-life balance? Same thing — a feeling of control is key.

You have to draw a line. You must decide what is important and what isn’t. 

How do you draw that line? By asking yourself one simple question a few times a day.

“What’s The Most Important Thing For You To Do Right Now?”

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5 steps seems so tractable. 

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