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The Best Ze Frank True Facts videos: Octopus, Owls, Angler Fish, Chameleon, Marsupials, Hedgehogs, and More

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Love these!  Humor and education :)

Morgan Freeman:

i could watch these videos ALL DAY!!

i love it when he laughs because even he can't contain himself anymore!

Yes! He has the best laugh!!

True Facts about the chameleon:

True Facts about the armadillo:

the chameleon one got me laughing so hard it actually made tears come!

Yeah, that one is pretty great.

He has come a long way from hedgehogs, one of his first:

he has come a long way!  i love the silly voice he uses now.  and he has definitely gotten more clever with his jokes and more informative with his nature facts!

True -- listen to how informative his Angler Fish video is:

*note: this one is not appropriate for kids!

the angler fish one is HILARIOUS!

and koalas are GROSS! (the end credits song is perfect, though.)

Yeah, who knew koalas were so nasty. 

Thanks for reminding me to be patient through the ending credits.

Why trust is worth it:

wow, ze frank gets deep!  this is great!

"trust is your relationship to the unknown, what you can't control.  and you can't control everything.

and it's not all or none—it's a slow and steady practice of learning about the capacity of the world.

and it's worth it to keep trying.  and it's not easy."

I like that he reminds us that it's not easy.

Nothing worth having ever comes easy. 

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