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If Game Of Thrones was a classic 1970s sitcom...

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Charlie Jane Anders of io9 explains:

The opening credits would probably look something like this. We're so excited about the return of Game of Thrones on Sunday, we asked our friend Garrison Dean to imagine what the show would look like if it was a classic 1970s-1980s sitcom. But what he came up with was way more insane than we ever expected.

You might remember Garrison Dean's amazing 1980s version of Firefly's opening credits, from a few years ago. But this reimagined Game of Thrones is even more bonkers, partly because you can sort of imagine it as a happy Medieval Times jousty comedy... See more of his videos here.

Looks a lot like MASH.

I'm glad this was made in the 2010's!


If it was this version, it would not be as good, kind of hokey!   Especially the laugh-track!  Not to say there aren't some good shows from that era, just not fitting for G of T's.

True, but Game of Thrones is not a comedy.

More likely it would take on a more epic feel, like the television show Kung Fu.

I love this:

Game of Thrones meme Winter is Coming 1970s 1980s sitcom style Imgur

Similar, from 31 years ago:

Here's the aforementioned Firefly opening credits:

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