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What I've Learned From 5 Years of Arguing on the Internet, by Charlie Jane Anders, io9

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We believe in the interconnectedness of all things:

Our dreams about the future help to shape the future. Our heroic fantasies are about the sort of people we aspire to be. When laypeople discuss science, it can indirectly shape the way our society approaches big scientific challenges. When we hash out our ideas about futurism, we're also thinking about what we can do to create the future we want to live in.

All of these things, from pop culture to politics to science to futurism, blend together and influence each other. An argument about one, inevitably, is an argument about all. Yes, including whether the Doctor is cooler than Batman. (Which he totally is.)

So there are no trivial debates. And there's never a good time to be timid, or to hold back for fear of being wrong. There's no such thing as over-analyzing things — see Moff's Law for more on that — and there's no such thing as being too political or asking too many questions.

Over five years of working at io9, I've learned to respect the power of these debates, and the fact that none of them is ever settled. I'm looking forward to many more smackdowns to come.

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