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Why I Built

Why I Built cointipping com Diego Basch s Blog


So about three weeks ago I went into a coding frenzy and came back to the surface in its current form. Sure, it’s an MVP. It reeks of Bootstrap, and it lacks some basic usability features (thanks Sean for all your help with the UI, the technical details would make for an interesting post). I try to be security-conscious, and I’m backing up everything hourly. Still, there is no guarantee that the site won’t go up in flames, losing $25 worth of dogecoins in the process (that’s the current amount in the online wallet). Forgive me, I’m just one rusty old hacker.

Still, it serves one purpose: it does make it really easy to put dogecoins in the hands of people who know absolutely nothing about cyptocurrency. Sean can leave his coins on the site and forget about them until it’s worth his time to figure out what to do with them. He could withdraw them whenever, of course. He can always tip other people through the site, some of whom might withdraw them straight to their wallets. Easy breezy beautiful!

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Clever. I like his purpose -- I hope this works!

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