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#WhitePeopleEquivalents |

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"On Monday night, we posted an announcement on the BGD Facebook page for QTPOC wanting to submit their work to BGD, encouraging them to do so (you totally should!). A white woman commented, asking if she could write for us. “I mean, I’m white but I would write about black LGBT experiences.” She said that she loves our site and reads it all the time. I’m not sure how it’s possible to read our site and think that’s a good question to ask, or even a reasonable thought to have. But I am constantly dumbfounded by white folks’ ability to be clueless, so…Anyway, I told her no. In fact, I told her hell no. She got really mad and said…well, I don’t really know because I deleted her comment without reading past the first few angry words. But you get the point."

All people in general are good at being clueless. That's who most of us are. 

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