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Would Dr. Manhattan be able to visit a Black Hole and come back? - Quora

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Good question. No answers. 

Hard to have any scientific justification for coming back from a black hole.

Well, Dr. Manhattan was walking on the surface of the sun, so I do not think he is into scientific justification. He can reassemble himself from atoms. Valid question to ask if his ability will be affected by gravity of he operates on different levels.

I can believe he's impervious to heat, but nothing escapes a black hole. 

Can't read the article because Quora's *not smart* system.

Adam,  "nothing" is not physics. : P

Quantum mechanics predict some things could escape it. : D

With black holes comes the notion of "event horizon" which is supposed to be the "boundary in spacetime  beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer"( ).

In facts:

- this horizon is defined with the speed light, which is, according to Einstein's Relativity, the faster thing in void.

- so this horizon is the distance to the black hole singularity where the gravitation is so strong, you can't even escape it with light speed. So basically everything because Einstein says we can't get faster.

And that's when Quantum theories come and fuck it all!

Quantum world is very playful we things like hard boundaries defined by Classic Physics.

"Hawking radiation is black body radiation that is predicted to be released by black holes, due to quantum effects near the event horizon."


Quantum Mechanics and Einstein's Relativity are not compatible. That's a huge problem because both are perfectly verified on their respective domains (tiny stuff for Quantum and huge astronomical stuff for Relativity). But they disagree on the points where they meet each other: mostly Astrophysics and Cosmology!

There's a very exciting field of Theoretical Physics working on making a new theory that could include these two big pouty girls.


The real question is: Is Dr Manhattan ruled by Einstein's Relativity or by Quantum Mechanics?

In the first case, no he won't come back if he goes over the Event Horizon

In the second case, part of him might be able to stay out while his intricate second half is frolicking inside.

: D

Quora's answer is empty or I would have quoted relevant text for you.

Your answer is much much better. Thank you for being more precise than me!

of corse. he can put him self back together.

Not if he can't come back from over the Event Horizon.

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