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The NSA Spying Machine: An Interactive Graphic - Businessweek

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It's like they've taken every bad exploit in the world and weaponized it by 10x. I'm impressed, though they don't know how to properly big-data-cluster concepts, i.e "what to search for" so they brute force it. 

Thank goodness they lack subtlety.

The author did an incredible job of explaining the exploitation .. we as INNOCENT users of technology and Internet never ever had end point digital protection or privacy rights  

I agree.  But think about it, those end points were already compromised by malware.  It's a really messy world out there and most people are completely unaware. It's a battle out there with the bad guys constantly upping the good guys.  You can argue about the good vs the bad, but malware, virus, ransomware, rootkits, and everything else are polluting the Interwebthingy. 

Right, the NSA is just one of several bad players out there. There are many other worse bad guys who want to steal, identity thieve, and hurt people as opposed to just watching everything you do.

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