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Effective Treatment for Trauma: Focusing

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Focusing reaches into the body - the body we can sense from the inside. When we are Focusing, we enter into the body more and more deeply, finding intricate patterns of personal experience. For this reason, Focusing is widely used by experts on the healing of trauma and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Focusing allows an individual suffering from trauma to be in contact with their bodily felt sense of a traumatic experience as a safe observer, and always at their own pace.

The felt shift that occurs during Focusing allows the individual to change the way that the traumatic experience is lived inside the body. Focusing allows the individual to move forward, and to heal from a position of authentic power.

As well as being an effective treatment for trauma on its own account, Focusing can also be easily combined with a variety of other helpful methods: for instance, Focusing works well in combination with EMDR, a leading method for treating trauma.

Thank you Tina. I have been connecting people to Project Rebirth and their message of healing. It revolves around resiliency training and overall perspective change. I am simply a messenger and not any kind of doctor or therapist, but there are many that are finding this material useful. I hear a lot of what you are sharing here from them as well. Perhaps there is something there for your to look at too?

Btw, there is a movement to call it PTS instead of PTSD because it is not a disorder.