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Iska Dhaaf (Seattle, Post Punk)- All The Kids (Live on KEXP)

Iska Dhaaf (taken from Somali, translated roughly to “let it go”)

                                                                               ALL THE KIDS

All the kids who brought me up are gone.

We used each other up and then moved on.

All the kids who brought me up are gone.

We got so close and then we went too far.


It wouldn’t be long

To see we didn’t belong.

You wouldn’t be wrong

To say we never belonged.

All the kids I kicked it with were drunk.

We sniffed the stars away and hate the sun.

All we ever did was get fucked up.

The planet spins another friend falls off.


It wouldn’t be long…

(Hey, are you coming?

Where, where are we going?)

All the kids who built me up broke down.

Dreams feed the flies in a shit-hole town.

All we’d always do was do it all.

Sucking up the ghost through a straw.

Guitar Solo

All the kids I’d have died for,

Never felt so dead to me before.

All the ugly things I have done,

To all the pretty people I have loved.


It wouldn’t be long…

All the kids

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All The Kids | Iska Dhaaf

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