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South Korea's Enormous Climbable Structure for Kids

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Man, this thing would be MONEY at the airport! Especially if it's next door to an airport bar. Just throw your kids in there, grab a cocktail, and RELAX...

I was wondering if it was safe. It is.

Made of bent plywood or plastic platforms that are suspended by steel pipes and cables, these structures act like modern day jungle gyms. Though at first glance they may seem unsafe, they're far from it. With no fall or cascade greater than 18 inches, the specially designed structures are created so that kids can hardly ever stand up, instead they must crawl.

"Our reasoning is simple," Luckey states. "If you cannot stand up, you cannot fall down. In 25 years, we have never experienced any accidents!"

The structure you see here is at Gyeonggi Children's Museum in South Korea. The tallest they've built at 54 feet and 4 inches...

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