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Neuroscience of Decision Making Explained in 30 Seconds | Wired

"The Neuroscience of Decision Making Explained in 30 Seconds | Science Blogs | WIRED" ( )
11:14 AM Apr 08 2014

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Although we need emotions to make decisions, their input means we’re not the cold rational agents that traditional economics assumes us to be. For instance, Daniel Kahneman demonstrated with Amos Tversky that the negative emotional impact of losses is twice as intense as the positive effect of gains, which affects our decision making in predictable ways. For one thing it explains our stubborn reluctance to write off bad investments.

30-second brain 30-Second Brain applies this fun approach to more than 50 topics in neuroscience (my other contributions cover topics such as mirror neurons and the left-brain right-brain myth).

So decisions require a combination of emotions and logic. 

Feelings provide the basis for human reason—brain-damaged patients left devoid of emotion struggle to make the most elementary decisions.

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