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Social media evangelist clashes with Oracle culture

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Great story about a top salesperson who remained true to herself even though it got her shitcanned!

I like her already:

Spend just five minutes with Jill Rowley and you will know that her tenure at Oracle Corp. was doomed from the start.

Gleefully extroverted, Rowley likes to speak - no, shout - her inner monologue even when she knows better.

"I probably shouldn't tell you this," Rowley tells me over lunch at Town Hall, "but ... ."

That quality helped make Rowley one of Silicon Valley's top salespeople, which is why Oracle hired her in April 2013 to teach the company's 20,000-person sales force how to court customers through social media. Ultimately, though, Rowley just proved to be too, for lack of a better word, social, for a company notorious for suffocating, iron-fisted control. Oracle fired her in February.

"I probably should have been fired months ago," she laughs.

The company declined to comment.

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More about Jill Rowley getting fired from Oracle:

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