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Arielle Zuckerberg working at Google

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She's awesome. Works for Wildfire, which just got bought by Google.

She's active on Quora, and she's a great writer.

I'm the youngest of 5. I remember growing up being referred to as "so and so's" younger sibling.

I dislike referring to a person as their relation to another person, as if they are less equal. I know this is not intended, but to me, this is how it is perceived.

She is a great writer, though.

Fair enough.

But here's something interesting: Wildfire will help Google spy on Facebook.

Sounds like fun. :)

The games we play. :)

There are more Zuckerbergs at Google than Facebook.

Wildfire only buys Facebook ads through Adaptly.

Is another Google acquisition coming soon?

Yay, the SAW.  

The SAW?

m249 = squad automatic weapon aka SAW

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