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A Gorgeous Map of San Francisco's Independent Coffee Shops - John Metcalfe - The Atlantic Cities

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To start, one of the most effete turf wars in history, with skinny bearded guys trying to kneecap each other without spilling their macchiato. But also this splendid, rainbow-colored cartography of coffee shops and the neighborhoods they serve, created by the data-viz magicians inside MIT's Social Computing Group.

The map is part of MIT's "You Are Here" project, an ambitious attempt to make a data-based map every day for a year. Based on Google's API troves, it shows the shops as red dots surrounded by multihued auras representing a "region which is walkable to a specific coffee shop (within one kilometer or 0.7 miles)." According to the MIT folks, the ability to stroll to a coffee shop is an important part of a healthy city. They explain:

Independent coffee shops are positive markers of a living community. They function as social spaces, urban offices, and places to see the world go by. Communities are often formed by having spaces in which people can have casual interactions, and local and walkable coffee shops create those conditions, not only in the coffee shop themselves, but on the sidewalks around them. We use maps to know where these coffee shop communities exist and where, by placing new coffee shops, we can help form them.

It's beautiful. And wow, so many coffee shops!

To see how San Francisco stacks up to other cities in terms of coffee-shop distribution, MIT also made this map of Brooklyn:


As compare to this graph, how far people are willing to travel to Phillz.  Note Zuck's house isn't on there as he just has to walk around the corner as they have one in their office.  how far people travel for Philz coffee map infographic MIT imgur

Other companies have coffee. Facebook has an entire coffee shop.

Btw Philz Coffee has one L not two:

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