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The ideological middle is dead in Congress. Really dead.

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So each side sits in their corner, and nothing gets done, as they can not agree on anything, we lose :(

Hasn't it always been this way, that very little gets done?

Sure there are fewer people in the middle now, but Congress has always seemed to oppose Progress.

It's in the name.

Yes, in a way many groups have that trouble, of making decisions, and moving forward with implementation.   We get so caught up in needing to agree, that all that gets done is arguing, and little fluff projects that are non-controversial.  I thought the government got more done in the past, but maybe that's an illusion? 

If we could find something like, number of bills passed/year? or projected dollar amount of bills passed over the year?  Something that would show the size of the bill, that it wasn't a little fluff one.  Maybe the whole ugliness is more in our view now, plastered all over TV and other news sources?

So yeah. Relatively fewer bills passed recently but Congress has never been great at passing bills. 

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