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Hobbit 2 blu ray came in the mail....

Though I'm disappointed in my ability to make high quality giffs.  You either have crappy tools that do a really good job of putting in the text where and when you want it, but suck at high resolution, or really good tools for high rez, but crappy text. 

hobbit was that an earthquake that my lads was a dragon gif imgur

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Yes, in the /r/highqualitygifs subreddit everyone seems to use custom tools like Photoshop and After a Effects to play with fonts and placement.

Yeah, that's pretty heavy handed.  I have Gimp for Windows but it's difficult to use.  ImageMagick works great, but it's a very manual process and the size of the gifs is very unpredictable, though I can get some pretty good quality.  I'm fascinated with 4k video derived gifs, but I wish there was a tool to do it.   This is still the most amazing animated gif I've ever seen.  I wish there was an automated tool....

Yes that's a great one -- I know the guy who made it, and he made it manually with Photoshop and After Effects. Totally agree with what you said about ImageMagick.

Okay, we'll I'm going to try my hand as some 4k-derived gifs...size be damned. 

Hallelujah! Good luck.

Speaking of which, please stash more 4k videos as you find them.

I'm hooked:

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