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Lakers, Knicks and Celtics Miss Playoffs Together for 1st Time in NBA History | Bleacher Report

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Now, obviously, the Knicks are not in the same stratosphere as the Celtics and Lakers in terms of success, but they are still a major-market ballclub that, outside of a dry spell in the 2000s, is generally a playoff contender.

Plus, New York has had a longstanding rivalry with Boston, and the two teams had met in the postseason in two of the past three years.

There will be no such meeting in 2014.

There will be no chance of another Celtics-Lakers battle in the Finals.

No bragging rights between fans of these three historic organizations.

None of that.

First time in NBA history?!

Why are these three teams so bad this year?

I've heard the Lakers' playing described as "spiritless".  

And there is unexpectd talent in other teams ...

The Lakers are still dealing with the after effects of the Kobe injury and see this as a rebuilding year.

But I don't think anyone expected them to fall as much as they did.

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