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The New Digg

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So the Digg acquisition was primarily for the domain and brand name....

"one of the reasons why the team wanted to rebuild Digg as fast as it could was the simple fact that Digg’s old infrastructure was very expensive to run. According to Borthwick, it would have cost “hundreds of thousands per month” to keep the site running on its old platform. Even though the site was state-of-the-art just a few years ago, most of the infrastructure would be considered legacy technology by a modern startup. Because of this, the new Digg team decided to throw away virtually all of the old underpinning of the site in favor of a fresh start."

"Users will use Facebook to sign in to the site and vote. This Facebook integration also means that users’ diggs will be posted on their Facebook timelines, by the way."

Um, no. Digg, you've lost me AGAIN.

I would note that while I am quite skeptical that Digg can ever regain its former glory, Betaworks has done a ridiculously impressive job of overhauling that site in a short amount of time. Betaworks sure can execute.

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