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RT if you feel America's Corporations should pay their fair share in taxes!

RT if you feel America's Corporations should pay their fair share in taxes!
1:27 AM Apr 13 2014

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That's silly. Then they would be able to hire even less people. 

Corporations are acting rationally.  They have been shelving new and strategic spending and building defensive funds to account for the massive regulations and uncertainty over new taxes and laws over the past 5 years in general and the new health care law and Dodd-Frank implementations in specific.   That in turn has dramatically reduced hiring.   These are direct correlative side-effects of bad policies.   This type of policy above would exacerbate the problems, not help solve them.  

The best way to help the middle class is to reduce the size of government, reduce the amount of government regulation, and stop all these untested social tinkering policies. 

Government size actually has not changed in 30 years:

Yes, Obama has cut federal spending

Pretty much nothing changes.

Well, I recently drove through South Carolina wishing fervently that the government had allocated some funds to fix the endless gauntlet of potholes that is Interstate 95.  Employ a few thousand people and save me from having to dip into my own pocket to replace expensive 18" Pirellis.  Everyone wins.

Maintaining infrastructure is not a social policy, is it?  

It's not. Maintaining infrastructure is important and benefits everyone.

It's also a tiny sliver of the federal budget, which is dominated by defense, social security, and healthcare.

Btw here's that banned TED talk:

More about him:

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