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Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Copenhagen

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"So, it comes as something of a surprise that what we came back with after a week shooting in Copenhagen -- in what is said to be the "happiest country on earth" -- is perhaps the finest, most technically accomplished, best looking hour of television we've ever made. It's just f***ing ... gorgeous.

It's a show centered around one restaurant, NOMA, and one chef, Rene Redzepi. Both have been written about many times.

But no one, I think, has ever shown you what we're going to show you.

NOMA is said to be "the best restaurant in the world" and they are famous for, among other things, sourcing almost all their ingredients from the forests, fields, farms, beaches and marshes of the area immediately around Copenhagen. They have pioneered the notion of "foraging" and taken it to an extreme that would be damn easy to mock, if the results weren't so genuinely brilliant and delicious.

You'd think wandering around scrounging for weeds and moss would be boring -- but get ready."

If you can find time this week to watch the entire episode, I highly recommend it!  If you can watch just the three short videos at the link, great!

This is so cool. I love the concept of foraging!

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