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Venture science

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I think his matrix is too complicated.

Market matters most; team and growth are important; everything else can be fixed later.

Yeah.  If you have traction and nothing else, that's the easiest for VCs to understand.  That's the first tier. The second tier is competition, even if you have short term traction, is the market still going to be around, are you only a piece of the puzzle, is someone going to stomp you out or how long until they try to?  Third is team and IP.  If you have a team that has pulled it off before or they have confidence they can pivot the right way and will eventually pull it off, you are good, but only if you have some IP that you can defend.  Fourth is sales and marketing.  If you aren't presenting it right or selling it right, then even with traction, good competitive positioning, the right team, and a defensible approach, you can be out-executed with dumber solutions.  How fast that happens (and if it does) is key. 

Finally, there's this:



Single Cell Ameboas

Whale Poop

Plankton single cell amoebas whale poop

And then finally, Technology.

Haha, whale poop ranks higher than technology. I love it!

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