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Why Does Water From an Inverted Bottle Flow Faster At the End and What Causes the Different Flow Rates? | Big Site of Amazing Facts ®

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My wife makes a great white sangria every once in a while for parties. My favorite part is an old bar trick. You invert the full wine bottle and spin it in a lateral circular motion as quickly as you can and it creates a vortex-like effect within the bottle, thus emptying the bottle in a matter of a few seconds--as opposed to trying to pour the bottle out by tipping it. My kids get a big kick out of it, and I have to admit it's one of life's little pleasures.

For the record, here's her recipe for white sangria:

o 6 bottles charles shaw sauvignon blanc

o 1/2 bottle Amaretto

o 1/2 bottle brandy

o 1 bottle white peach juice

o 1 bottle of Crystal Geyser sparkling mineral water, orange essence

o 1/2 bottle mango juice, alt, add frozen mango slices

o sliced 5 limes, 4 oranges, 10 strawberries, apples if desired

o Put in a big container with ice

Two cool things -- the trick and the Sangria -- that I will have to try.

Works with almost any bottle, so try away! For me, it's a fun factor.

That is so cool. Someone needs to make a video of this...



Greg, that is sofa king cool.

I love it!!!!

Lol, thanks! Sorry about the finger. Apple needs to put the camera lens in a different place for the iphone5.

The second factor is swirl. If the bottle is handled so that the liquid swirls, the water moves to the outside of the neck and allows a column of air relatively free passage up the center. By actually moving the bottle in small circles before releasing the liquid, you can get a very effective tornado in a bottle.

I think 9.9 vs. 7.7 is about inline with our experiment...

The tornado you created was pretty awesome.

I'm sure with practice we could get REALLY good at it.

Daaaaaammmmn, Bolcer! Big pimpin' with the sangria, dog :p

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