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Oculus Rift Shares Developer Hardware Sales Data

Oculus Rift Shares Developer Hardware Sales Data TechCrunch


Oculus Rift tells TechCrunch that it’s sold about 25,000 second-generation “DK2” development kits to developers since the pre-order page went live March 19. It says it sold about 60,000 first-generation “DK1” units over the lifetime of that kit.

“We never expected to sell so many development kits,” wrote a Oculus Rift community managerlast month after a component shortage forced the company to halt sales of the DK1.

Sales of the DK2 appear to be outpacing this predecessor, and with the backing of Facebook — a social network giant with deep technology resources but little experience scaling a hardware company — the expectation is that the company will be better-positioned for developer sales success.

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That's a lot of developer kits if you think about each of those kits representing at least one app.

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